New Features

⭐ Added Cluster Sleep

Added Cluster Sleep, a new functionality that allows users to temporarily pause their clusters.

⭐ Real-time metrics

Enhanced monitoring capabilities with real-time metrics.

⭐ Historic data in metrics

Expanded the Metrics functionality to include historic data.

⭐ Preserve queries in editor

The editor now has a new feature that preserves queries when switching tabs.

⭐ Build tool enhancement

The build tool has been updated to utilize vite, a frontend tooling solution.


🐛 Text Visibility issue on hover

Fixed: The visibility issue with the text color of the organization list has been resolved.

🐛 Metrics UI enhancement

Fixed: The Metrics UI has been enhanced with a revised layout and various minor cosmetic updates.

🐛 Subscription expiration status

Fixed: An issue where the subscription expiration model was not being shown to the user in the cluster creation button, ensuring users are properly informed about their subscription status.

🐛 Organisation selection enhancement

Fixed: The Organisation selection page now includes a dropdown, resolving a bug.

🐛 Metadata explorer styling issues

Fixed: An issue to resolve styling issues in the metadata explorer when dealing with lengthy table names.

You can find the full changelog for this release in this link 🔍