Chapter 2


What is a workspace?

A workspace is a logical grouping of clusters that provides users with a convenient and organized way to manage their resources in the cloud. By creating workspaces, users can keep their clusters separate from each other, making it easier to manage and maintain their resources. One of the key benefits of workspaces is that they enable access management based on workspace membership. Users can be assigned as workspace admins, giving them control over all the clusters that are part of that workspace. This makes it easy to delegate responsibilities and manage access to resources, helping teams work more efficiently and securely.
The number of workspaces that can be created depends on the tier plan you have subscribed to. With ChistaDATA’s flexible tier plans, users can create a specified number of workspaces to meet their unique needs and preferences. This allows for greater customization and scalability, ensuring that users can create and manage workspaces in a way that aligns with their business requirements.