DB Connection from DBeaver

Connecting ChistaDATA database from DBeaver

DBeaver is a free, open source, graphical database management tool for database developers and administrators. This tool can be use to create and manage databases across a wide range of database management systems and It’s is a multi platform tool – it works on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Solaris. DBeaver is available at https://dbeaver.io/download/


  • A Running Cluster from ChistaData (any tier/size)
  • DBeaver installed and running
  • DBeaver uses JDBC over HTTP(S) to connect to ClickHouse (DBeaver auto-install these drivers while establishing connection)


  1. Use the Database > New Database Connection menu to bring up the Connect to a database dialog

New DB connection New DB connection

  1. Select Clickhouse from Analytical tab

Select Clickhouse Select Clickhouse

  1. DBeaver will automatically installed required JDBC driver.

Clickhouse Drivers Clickhouse Drivers

  1. By default the Driver properties > SSL will be set to false, if you are connecting to a ClickHouse server that requires SSL on the HTTP port, then set Driver properties > SSL to true

SSL True SSL True

  1. Enter connection details to build JDBC URL, Like HOST, PORT (As 8443 [https port]), USERNAME and PASSWORD

Connection Details Connection Details

  1. Test the connection and click Finish.

Test Connection Test Connection

  1. Right click on your connection and choose SQL Editor > Open SQL Script to open a query editor:

Connect DB Connect DB

  1. Execute sample query

Execute Query Execute Query

Thats all. You have connected your database using DBeaver.