Database User Management

We can create the ClickHouse database cluster users from the portal directly. We have a new section called Cluster Users and under this, we can create, edit and delete the database users. The users are common across the individual nodes of a cluster and any action performed here will be reflected in all the cluster nodes.

Database cluster user management Database cluster user management

User Creation

Select the Create User button in the Cluster Users section and fill out the details of the new user. The following details needs to be provided.

  1. User Name
  2. Password Type
  3. Password
  4. Host IP (Optional, and can be used to restrict the IP from which the use can connect to the server)
  5. Default Role (Administrator or Read-only)

Database cluster user Creation Database cluster user Creation

Edit User

To modify the users created via the portal, you can select the edit icon under the Actions for that particular user.

Editing the users Editing the users

Remove/Delete User

To Remove/Delete the users created via the portal, you can select the Delete icon under the Actions (next to edit icon) for that particular user.

Deleting the users Deleting the users


  1. Every portal user will have a corresponding ClickHouse database cluster user with same login credentials as the portal
  2. Users/Roles directly created via ClickHouse RBAC SQL statements can not be modified in the portal

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