New Features

⭐ Selected Query Execution

Query Editor has a new feature. You can now select a query and execute it.

Selected Query Execution Selected Query Execution

⭐ Default Backup Schedule Editor

You can now edit the system scheduled default backup schedule.

Default Backup Schedule Editor Default Backup Schedule Editor


🐛 Dark Theme Constrast

Fixed: Contrast issue between the popup and the main window has a fix now in the dark theme.

Fixed: Menu items in the dark theme are now more visible and readable.

🐛 Connection String

Fixed: Both Native and HTTP connection details tabs were incorrectly positioned in the UI.

🐛 Delete Backup Synchronous


  • Delete Backup is now synchronous, helm uninstall now has a timeout if uninstall a chart fails.
  • The portal now can call delete and create backup simultaneously.

🐛 Compute Resources Definition


  • On cluster nano free tier, we have added the following limits for vCPU: 0.5 and memory: 1Gi.
You can find the full changelog for this release in this link 🔍