New Features

⭐ Dark theme

We added a dark theme option so the users can toggle the UI of ChistaDATA Cloud to make it dark and cool.

Dark Theme Profile Dark Theme Profile

And this is how it will look like, how nice it’s :)

Dark Theme Dark Theme Dark Theme Workspace Dark Theme Workspace

⭐ Best practices documentation

We have added best practices for our portal users to refer and have optimized infrastructure. Take a look on it here.

Best Practices Best Practices

⭐ Discussions page

ChistaDATA has created a discussions page to help you as a part of community support, and you can find the link to it under the FAQ page or just by clicking here.

Now you can find the link to our blog posts directly in our landing page chistadata.io.

⭐ Subscription expiration check

We added a notification to inform customers in case of missing payment. The notification will be sent after 85 days of your last payment and in case the payment is not fixed the clusters will be stopped after 90 days.


🐛 Sample DB creation

The bug of sample DB not getting created when new cluster is launched got fixed by calling the database creation job only after the ClickHouse cluster is available, preventing some eventual consistency issue.

You can find the full changelog for this release in this link 🔍