New Features / Enhancements

⭐ Asabru Proxy released

  • A basic Database Proxy which can do pass through Proxying.

  • Supports TCP, TCP/TLS, http,https Protocols.(Supports SSL Termination & SSL handshaking).

  • With a well defined architecture with Proxy Engine, Proxy Pipeline and Handlers.

  • Supports plugin Architecture.

  • The Pipeline - Handler Mechanism enables the easier future development by reducing the tasks into creating Pipeline and handlers for any future protocol implementation by internal or external developers.

  • External configuration for Proxy using config files.

  • Asynchronous Logging for troubleshooting, security analysis and audit trail.

  • Dynamic configuration update.

  • A mini http endpoint implementation using proxy protocol engine to handle http requests.

You can find the full changelog for this release in this link 🔍