ClickHouse Client

For connecting the ClickHouse database remotely, the hostname, the port for secure connection and the default user’s password should be known.

  • The “default” user’s password is specified by the user in the cluster creation phase (as shown below).

Cluster Creation Password Cluster Creation Password

  • After the cluster is created, the hostname can be reached from the cluster page under “Workspace.”

Cluster Page Workspace Cluster Page Workspace

  • At last, a port for secure connection should be known. Native protocol SSL/TLS port for clickhouse is 9440.


An example for connecting cluster with clickhouse-client is:

clickhouse-client --host <your_host_name> --port 9440 --password <your_password> --secure

Another example for python connection is:

from clickhouse_driver import Client

##configure ClickHouse connection
client = Client(host='your_host_name', port='9440',secure=True, database='default', user='default', password='your_password')

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