Metrics Agent

Metrics Processing Engine

Portal API

  • Export query results to csv by @v4run in PR #193
  • Finishing wiring up of metrics adapter by @dheeraj-326 in PR #194
  • Updated queries with a buffer for synchronisation by @sinsinan in PR #195
  • metrics user added in launch cluster by @v4run in PR #196
  • Streaming metrics through websockets by @dheeraj-326 in PR #198
  • Added queries for avg_query_memory and avg_query_duration_ms by @sinsinan in PR #199
  • Dev by @sinsinan in PR #197

Full Changelog

Metrics Data Adapter

  • Continuous data push to the client with websockets by @dheeraj-326 in PR #1
New Contributors
  • @dheeraj-326 made their first contribution in PR #1

Full Changelog