ChistaDATA DBaaS Portal FAQ's

Q. What is ChistaDATA Cloud?
A: ChistaData cloud is a zero-maintenance SaaS for ClickHouse®, It offers an infrastructure service that enables the creation, operation, and scaling of ClickHouse® databases. The service includes fault-tolerant features and monitoring capabilities.

Q. What are the benefits of using ChistaDATA Cloud?
A: ChistaDATA DBaaS manages the infrastructure administration tasks associated with ClickHouse®, saving time and effort. It monitors resource usage, automatically creates database backups, offers fault tolerance through automatic failover to backup replicas, and keeps the database software up to date. Users interact with database clusters in Managed Service for ClickHouse® in the same way as they would with regular databases in their local infrastructure.

Q. What are the different pricing models offered by ChistaDATA Cloud?
A: The pricing of our services is determined by the subscription tier chosen, with three options currently available: Free Tier, Startup, Enterprise Tier, and Critical Business Tier. For more details visit -

Q. How to get started with ChistaDATA Cloud ?
A: Details steps has been given in blog post, follow this document

Q. How to Pay?
A: Sign up for an account on the ChistaDATA website and select Setting -> Billing from the left-hand menu and select Upgrade Plan to choose the service plan that suits your needs. After choosing your desired plan, you will be redirected to a payment processing platform known as Stripe.

Q. Free Trial available for ChistaData Cloud?
A: ChistaData Cloud offers a complimentary trial period that spans 90 days. Once the trial period elapses, users can either switch to a paid subscription or allow the cluster to go into sleep mode. If the cluster remains inactive for more than 90 days, it will be automatically removed. For those who want to test the waters before making a commitment, ChistaData Cloud welcomes interested users to create a free account and take advantage of the trial period. If you’re ready to explore this service, follow this link to sign up:

Q. How to migrate the existing database to ChistaDATA Cloud?
A: While there are tools available for online migration, the steps involved in migrating from an existing database to ChistaDATA Cloud can vary depending on the source database type. To ensure a smooth migration process, it is advisable to consult the ChistaDATA Cloud documentation or seek assistance from the ChistaDATA support team.

Q. How is cluster affected during scaling?
A: The ChistaDATA cloud cluster update process depends on a number of its replicas. The single-host cluster requires downtime during maintenance or updates that require a restart. Multi-host clusters can avoid downtime by performing updates sequentially while other hosts handle the workload.

Q. Which public clouds and regions are supported?
A: ChistaDATA DBaaS currently supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) and we plan to support Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure public cloud in the future. The specific regions supported may vary depending on the cloud provider and the ChistaDATA DBaaS service plan selected by the user.

Q. How can I access ChistaDATA Cloud services?
A: To access ChistaDATA Cloud services, you can sign up for an account on the ChistaDATA website and choose the service plan that suits your needs. Once you have created an account, you can log in to the ChistaDATA Cloud console, where you can create, manage, and monitor your ClickHouse┬« databases. Currently, you can access the console through a web browser from anywhere with an internet connection and also using ClickHouse┬« client drivers. Additionally, we are also working on ChistaDATA’s APIs and command-line tools to manage databases programmatically. More details:

Q. Does ChistaDATA Cloud offer backup and disaster recovery services?
A: Yes, ChistaDATA Cloud offers backup and disaster recovery services for ClickHouse® databases. Automated backups are created at regular intervals according to a user-specified schedule, and the backups are stored in secure, geographically redundant locations to ensure data durability. In addition, ChistaDATA Cloud offers disaster recovery capabilities through automatic failover to backup replicas in case of a primary replica failure. This helps to minimize downtime and ensure continuity of service for ClickHouse® users.

Q. How secure is ClickHouse® Cloud?
A: ChistaDATA Cloud places great emphasis on ensuring the security of ClickHouse® databases hosted on its platform. To achieve this goal, ChistaDATA has put in place a range of security measures, including data encryption for both data at rest and data in transit, access controls, network isolation, and continuous real-time monitoring. Furthermore, ChistaDATA offers multiple sources for authentication, such as GitHub authentication and two-factor authentication for the portal, in order to provide an additional layer of security to its users.

Q. What are the different roles under which users can be created?
A: A user can join an organization as an Organization Admin, Workspaces Admin or as a Read Only User. The first user in an organization (who creates the organization during signup) will be added as an Organization Admin.

Q. What is ChistaDATA SLA?
A: ChistaDATA SLA guarantees a certain level of service for its customers, including uptime and response times. The specific terms of the SLA vary depending on the service plan chosen described below but typically it includes a high level of uptime and fast response times for support requests.

  • Free Tier - No SLA - Community Support (Forum)
  • Startup Tier - Ticket Support - 4 Hours SLA
  • Enterprise and Critical Tier - Ticket Support - 30 mins SLA

Q. Do you operate 24*7?
A: Yes, ChistaDATA provides full-stack ClickHouse® Optimization. We deliver elite-class Consultative Support (24*7) and Managed Services for both on-premises ClickHouse® infrastructure and Serverless/Cloud/ClickHouse DBaaS operations.

Q. WhatÔÇÖs included in ChistaData Customer Support?
A: ChistaData Customer Support offers technical assistance, a knowledge base, community forums, a ticketing system, and a service level agreement to ensure customers receive the necessary support and resolve any issues encountered while using ChistaData Cloud services

Q. What’s the retention period for backups?
A: The retention period for backups in ChistaDATA varies depending on the service plan chosen by the customer. Generally, ChistaDATA offers daily backups and retains them for up to 7 to 30 days for Startup and Enterprise Tier respectively. However, customers can also customize the retention period in the Business Critical Tier plan to meet their specific requirements.

Q. How do I subscribe to the platform?
A: You will be reminded by email and a message on the portal 5 days before the current plan expires, to extend the plan. You can pay while the current subscription plan is active, on the billing and subscriptions page.

Q. What happens if I choose to renew the subscription before the current subscription expires?
A: In such a scenario, the new subscription will start exactly when the current subscription ends.

Q. is there any discussion forum available for community support?
A: Yes, disscussion forum link is here This Github feature is intended to facilitate conversations around specific topics related to the repository, such as bug reports, feature requests, or general questions.