Control Plane

  • sizing limits by @control-plane-chistadata in PR #161
  • make delete backup syncronous by @AdheipSingh in PR #163
  • update resource for nano by @AdheipSingh in PR #164

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Portal UI

  • feat: Default Backups UI by @midhunadarvin in PR #259
  • Add selected query execution. by @vishal-joshy in PR #260
  • Fix connection strings. by @vishal-joshy in PR #261
  • fix: Issue with deletion of default backups by @midhunadarvin in PR #263
  • feat: global spinner and auto-fill in edit backup schedule by @midhunadarvin in PR #264

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Portal API

  • fix: Use clickhouse native interface instead of sql by @v4run in PR #168
  • Adding API for reschedule backup by @dheeraj-326 in PR #169
  • Bug: avoid invalidation of valid invites by @dheeraj-326 in PR #172
  • Reschedule backup by @dheeraj-326 in PR #173
  • Remove totp by @dheeraj-326 in PR #174
  • Removing unused user routes by @dheeraj-326 in PR #175

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